Dana has been my best friend since we were 12.  That's 15 years of friendship that still going strong today. I couldn't tell you how we meet or how we became friends. It's as if we showed up in each others' lives and never left. She and I have been through almost every experience life has to offer,the good and the bad from boys, love and heart break, pesky little brothers, and family. We've had our share of fights too, but that only goes to prove that we've only made our friendship stronger. I know we count on each other for anything. Someone once wrote that friends is the family we choose. That's what Dana and I are, family, sisters--even if we aren't blood related. As life has taken course we always make an effort to spend sometime together. As autumn approaches so does the anniversary of one the best relationship I've ever had. It would mean the world to us if we were the winners of your contest and allow us to have new memories captured forever.




So me and my best friend from high school went through high school not liking each other. We both had the same kind of sports car and people were telling each of us things that the other was supposed to be saying about the other.....well a mutual friend of both of ours ended up getting me to go to Danita's house and we got together and talked and found out people had been lying to each of us and so we switched cars and went to town driving each others cars and almost caused several weeks because people couldn't believe their eyes. Now I can't imagine my life without Danita in it!! We keep in touch even though we live in different towns in Arkansas!!!!



So Jen and I met 10 years ago. I had just started dating Garrick and she had been a friend of his family since forever. She tells the story saying she didn't like me when we first met, lol. See, I was 17 and had pretty much just moved to the area. I didn't know many people. I was shy, quiet and reserved and she was anything but. I couldn't tell you the exact day or first time we hung out but when we did, we just clicked. She's totally my other half! Jen, being her usual outgoing, loud mouth self has helped me open myself up. We were together almost all the time. Once, I tried to teach her how to drive a 5 speed. It was a disaster! We would always be on the lake, shopping or just hanging out. After a few years of our friendship, like a lot of friends, we had a major fight. We lost touch for a little while and she moved to Texas with her new husband. I will never forget when she called, telling me she was moving back and wanted me to be in her wedding. I was so excited and relieved. We were back together! Things were different now though. She was married and just had a baby. Gone, were our care free days of doing whatever we wanted. We were growing up, but that didn't matter to us! We always made time for each other, whether we made girl time for manicures, shopping and lake time or if it were just hanging around the house watching crazy youTube videos or doing homework for college. One night, we were on the computer watching people scaring others on YouTube and we got this crazy idea. Remember Scream? Well we got a scream mask and a butcher knife and drove to scare our nieces and nephews. We took video of the whole thing, laughing it up the whole time. When we are together, honestly you never know what could happen. Now, ten years down the road, I am getting married and she will be right there by my side! There is no one else who I would rather have next to me. We will always be friends because she is the peanut to my butter, the flip to my flop, the glaze on my doughnut and most importantly, the best to my friend!!!

Thanks to all who entered!!! GOOD LUCK!!